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What’s Different With Apple Music and Should You Get It?

What’s Different With Apple Music and Should You Get It?

Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is the new music streaming service Apple offers that functions quite like Spotify. It allows iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC users to access millions of songs on demand. Next year, Apple plans to make the service available to Apple TV and Android users as well.

So, how is it different from Spotify and other streaming services, and what makes it better?

30-Million Song Catalog

You can stream any iTunes song, playlist or album as well as download songs for offline music enjoyment.

Three-Month Free Trial But Without Free Version

Unfortunately, Apple Music does not offer free access like Spotify. However, what you get is three months of free trial. You’ll have to pay $9.99 in the U.S. and £9.99 in the U.K. after the trial period.

The interesting thing is that Apple Music is the only streaming service that lets you listen to songs of Taylor Swift and the latest song of Pharrell Williams entitled “Freedom,” as Swift pulled her music from Spotify in the previous year due to low royalty rates. Offering artist exclusives is a key strategy used by Apple to entice more paid subscribers.

Also, Apple offers a “family plan” that lets you create a maximum of six accounts for $15 or £15 per month. Spotify offers a similar option, although users can create up to four accounts only, and every extra user costs $4.99 or £4.99 a month.

Siri Jams With You

With Siri offering you a helping hand as you browse songs, you can simply command her to add whatever album you want to your library if you’re an iOS user. Want to play the top song during a particular month or year? Just ask Siri. Using Siri is definitely a big help if you want to get things done quickly and conveniently.

Sync Music To Apple Watch

Do you own an Apple Watch besides an iPhone/iPod/iPad? Lucky you, as it’s easy to sync music to your device and play music even if the paired iOS phone is stashed away.

Social Media Platform Apple Music Connect

Apple emphasizes the freedom of musicians to express themselves and reach out to their fans. Thus, Apple Music Connect enables artists to share comments, photos, videos, lyrics and backstage events directly to fans.

Additionally, Apple Music is designed to provide expert recommendations to help users discover songs that suit their preferences. Apple Music editors and writers for Shazam, DJ magazine, Mojo, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone will also share suggested playlists.

Beats 1 Streaming Radio Service

The global radio station features artists and a group of full-time DJs, including former BBC host Zane Lowe. Apple Music users can listen to the broadcast without paying for extra fees.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, it’s time to get the iOS 8.4 update to be able to access Apple Music. With all the interesting benefits Apple Music offers, the streaming service will surely be a global hit to iOS users. What’s more, Apple has been working with Sonos to make Apple Music available for Sonos users.

Have you tried Apple Music yet? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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