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What to Expect on the Upcoming iOS 8 – Rumoured Features, Release Date, and Major Improvements

What to Expect on the Upcoming iOS 8 — Rumoured Features, Release Date, and Major Improvements


Image credit GottaBeMobile

Apple has just released the latest iOS 7.1 last March 10, but rumours on iOS 8 are already spreading on the web. It’s likely that Apple will announce the next version at the Worldwide Developers Conference this June. Speculation is quickly circulating the net about what changes will appear in the next software update. iOS 7.1 introduced several new features along with a streamlined interface and improved performance. Apple fans have also been thrilled to know that they can connect their car to Siri through the integration of CarPlay.

While many users are wrapped up in the recent iOS 7 upgrade, many others are eagerly anticipating the release of iOS 8. What will be its new features? How will it differ from iOS 7.1? Reports on leaked information have shed light on several interesting features that may be included in Apple’s next iOS update. Read on to find out what you can expect to see in the next upgrade of Apple’s mobile operating system.

iOS 8 Features

iTunes Radio as a Standalone Application


Image Credit 9to5Mac

Tech Times reported that iTunes Radio may have its own app in iOS 8. Apple is considering turning iTunes Radio into a standalone application in order to improve usage of the new streaming music service. iTunes Radio was first introduced as a feature in the Music application. Now, with Apple’s plan to present it as a standalone app, users can access the music service more quickly. The app may compete with similar apps such as Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Pandora. It will enable users to browse their history, find Featured Stations, buy streamed soundtracks, manage stations, and create stations based on artists, songs, and albums. iTunes Radio will likely come pre-installed in iPhone 6.

Healthbook: A Fitness-Tracking App Set to Redefine Mobile Health

According to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, Apple is set to focus on the health and fitness market through the app “Healthbook.” Instead of major interface or graphics changes, iOS 8 will feature health and fitness tracking as well as sensors that will monitor various health functions. Healthbook will track not only weight and activity but also food intake, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, blood sugar, and a lot more. This will certainly rival Samsung’s own health-focused software in the Galaxy S5. Apple is also working on iWatch, a device which could play a major role in gathering health information for Healthbook.

Huge Improvements on Maps


Image Credit 9to5Mac

Apple will upgrade its database for a more reliable and comprehensive iOS Maps. The new app will be incorporated with new labels and points of interests so users can find places like highways, airports, train stations, parks, and bus stops more easily. Apple is also tweaking the app’s cartography design to make it cleaner. You can expect more visible streets and better directions to places.

Moreover, another valuable feature of Maps will be public transit directions. Apple will deeply integrate transit into the improved maps application. With transit directions, you can use your device to reach your destination through public transportation. iOS 8 Maps will give you clear directions to major airports.

iOS 8 Launch Date

There’s no specific launch date pointed out yet, but rumours suggest that Apple will release the new software update during WWDC, which is the company’s annual developers conference. WWDC has been the launching stage for Apple’s latest iOS and OS X updates. Its focal point is software, and Apple has consistently launched several software updates during the conference.

Last 2013, Apple unveiled iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks at WWDC, and in the previous year, it was iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion. So, based on Apple’s launch date history, many people expect that iOS 8 will be launched at the same place and event.

iOS 8 Release Date

There’s no definite date regarding the release of iOS 8 either. But according to history, Apple typically releases a new iOS software along with a new iPhone. Leaked information reveals that Apple will most likely introduce iPhone 6 in the second half of 2014. Certain rumours suggest the new iPhone’s arrival in summer, while others hint that its scheduled release would be in fall (which is the period Apple has used in releasing its past three iPhones).

Albeit not yet confirmed, releasing iPhone 6 in fall makes a lot of sense. Usually, Apple allows developers to tinker with an iOS beta to find glitches and bugs before the release. iOS 7 beta was previously released after Apple announced the software update at WWDC. Apple also generally releases a major iOS update a week after announcing a new iPhone and several days before releasing the iPhone. Taking note of this pattern, we can likely expect to hear about the official iOS 8 alongside the announcement of iPhone 6.

These are some of the hottest rumours about iOS 8 that most Apple fans look forward to in the coming months. Stay tuned to find out a lot more interesting iOS 8 features and the latest iOS news on the web.

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