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Top 5 iOS 9 Features You’ll Love to Use

Top 5 iOS 9 Features You’ll Love to Use

ios 9 feature

Apple’s iOS 9 is expected to offer exciting features and significant changes to iPhone and iPad users as well as developers. While waiting for the final launch date, let’s check out some of the most talked about iOS 9 features that will likely be part of the new software.

More Intelligent Siri

Siri is undoubtedly smart, but her intelligence can only go so far when compared to Google Now or Cortana. Apple took notice and decided to upgrade Siri by incorporating the Proactive feature, which allows Siri to be contextually aware, thus providing better information. Siri uses a person’s location and the current time to deliver more accurate and relevant results.

Additionally, “Siri Suggestions” recommends interesting news stories, useful apps, local places nearby and even people you may want to contact. Apple also mentioned that Siri can start your usual playlist or earlier podcast once you plug in your headphones.

With Siri’s smart functionality, you’ll encounter recommendations almost everywhere, such as while you’re writing emails or creating events in your calendar. Siri also considers traffic patterns and notifies you about the right time to leave to beat traffic, a handy feature found in Google Now.

Split-Screen View

This is a feature available for iPad users only. Apple is now catching up with rival platforms, Windows and Android, wherein the split-screen multitasking feature has long been existing. With the Split View mode, you can run two apps at the same time and access them side-by-side. To adjust the size of the app window, simply rotate your tablet or slide the vertical divider horizontally.

With Slide Over, you can also open a secondary app and allow the primary app to take up two-thirds of the display in landscape orientation. These options allow you to browse websites on Safari while sending email messages using another app, read a book while watching a movie, and many more.

From Passbook to Wallet

Apple announced that it will update Passbook and change it into Wallet, which lets you access your Apple Pay cards, loyalty cards and boarding passes among others. Bringing up Wallet in iOS 9 takes a simple double tap of the home button.

Spotlight Search

Finding information is made to be easier and faster with the improved Spotlight Search. It will offer neater, easy-to-view results and also obtain information from third-party apps and popular apps to provide better search results.

Content-Blocking Safari Extensions

Isn’t it annoying to see various ads while browsing when all you want is to get the information you need as quickly as possible? Well, Apple now supports content-blocking extensions that let users download third-party apps that can block ads while they surf the web. This is definitely a relief for average users but not so for advertisers.

There are many more features to look forward to when the most-anticipated iOS 9 arrives. Users complaining about battery problems may just get the solution they’ve been asking for since the last update, as it is said that Apple will introduce an effective battery-saving mode that can boost battery life by up to three hours. Another interesting update is the support for numerous public transit systems worldwide in the upgraded Maps.

Which of these features do you like the most? Is it worth upgrading to iOS 9 if these features are included? Tell us what you think!

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