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Mon-Friday: 10:00–16:30 Saturday: 9:00-13:00
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Terms and Conditions


  • General Terms Of Service

•I understand that A4Service is not liable for any data loss whatsoever.

•I understand that the time it takes to diagnose and/or repair my device is unpredictable and any times quoted are based on a best guess of the work involved and is not a guarantee of how long it can take.

•All bookings are subject to a diagnostic / minimum fee of £25 + VAT. This fee is removed if you proceed with the final repair cost. In some cases your fault can be fixed during the diagnostic phase – if this occurs then you agree to be billed the full labour cost of your repair.

•I understand that although everything possible is done to ensure my device is not damaged during diagnosis / repair, in the unlikely event that damages occur I agree to be billed for any further repairs.

•I understand that A4Service is not liable for any loss or damages which occur during mail-in or mail-out services. You agree to use the postal service at your own risk. Couriers no longer cover damages or losses to components with a glass screen.

•I understand I will not receive my repaired device until payment is received in full.

•If I leave my device for more than 30 days after my repair is complete, and without prior arrangements it is considered abandoned and my device will be recycled, disposed of or sold to cover the cost of the repair.

•I understand if my device’s operating system is reloaded, programs such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Anti-Virus Software etc may not be present on receipt of my repaired device and I understand I will need to provide the original installation media if A4Service are to re-install my software.

•I understand the terms and conditions as below and as stated on A4Service website.

  • Returns (RMA).

In order for us to process returns more efficiently we require an RMA form to be completed. You can find the form on the RMA section of this website. We offer a money back guarantee for items purchased within 30 days which have not been used and still in the original packaging. For used items which work and are in a new condition we offer a restocking fee of 30% within the 30 day time period. Beyond then we will only exchange faulty items which meet the criteria set within our warranty terms.

  • Lifetime warranty.

Our lifetime warranty covers hardware within our repairs, and repair parts. This excludes physical damage, misuse, ware-and-tare, tampering, removal of any warranty seals and any consumable parts i.e batteries. Lifetime warranty is only subject to availability, and does not cover any labour costs beyond 30 days. All warranty repairs are subject to inspection and approval by our technicians. We do not accept responsibility for direct or indirect losses incurred as a result of a reasonable warranty issue. It is the customers sole responsibility to have an up-to-date backup.

  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

When booking a repair or purchasing stock at the our shop, online or by telephone there are a few details which we store. These include your name, address, device type, passwords, faults, telephone numbers and email address. These are stored securely with SSL and MD5 encryption and are for internal use only. This helps expedite the booking-in process and gives us more insight into a device which has had previous repairs. At anytime you can notify A4Service that you’d like your details removed, or an exact breakdown of what information we have about you.

Newsletters, we will on occasion send out updates to your supplied email. These will include general shop development and updates along with occasional offers. The newsletter can easily be unsubscribed by following the link at the bottom of the email. To abide by the new regulations all currently stored emails will now have an option to opt out of the newsletter – please acknowledge the prompt and opt-in-or-out. Thereafter, any new email addresses will be asked prior whether or not we can email a newsletter. A thank you for your custom notice will still be emailed nonetheless.

By purchasing goods or services, either within our store, online or telephone, you accept the terms and condition set out here.