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Apple iOS 12: what’s new?

After a test period of about three months, which saw the release of no less than 12 beta versions, Apple has publicly released iOS 12, the new “major release” of the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Which devices support iOS 12? iOS 12 is available for all devices that currently support iOS 11: iPhone 5s up, iPad mini 2, 3 and 4, iPad Air first and second generation, iPad fifth and .

New iPhone factory unlock YouTube tutorial video exhibiting the order and unlock process! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

iPhone factory unlock tutorial Finally, a new video! The new tutorial runs you through the process of purchasing and using our unlocks. A short, sweet and stylish design held together by fantastic hip-hop auditory. I’d been looking for a way to present our tutorial video’s in a manner which would prolong the viewing pleasure’s, I believe I have found it. The storyboard was written with my new ‘Parker’ pen on some scraps of paper .

Repair my iPhone 5 screen! Tutorial! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Hey, it’s tutorial time again! We’ll be covering a fairly straight forward repair on the iPhone 5 LCD & Digitizer. Again, this repair can become difficult if not done with care and attention. It’s always best to seek a professional, I’ll try to include some trouble shooting scenarios just incase. Everything needed to carry out this repair is also sold within our shop. I will link all items to the shop’s product page, and .

Quick guide on iPod & iPhone glass repair! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

iPod & iPhone glass repair! Ever wondered how you can make use of damaged LCD’s & Digitizers from repairs? Well… here’s how you can make money from old rope 🙂 This is just a quick tutorial on how to change the glass on your iPhone or iPod. The final image is a refurbished iPod screen. These steps are the same for each, only you use a different mold and add the bezel to the .

New Price-list and Flyers! Student discount on all repairs! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

We have re-done our repairs price-list to stay competitive with all local businesses. The price-list now contains the most common repairs and prices, all extremely competitive. You can rest assured you’ll receive a professional service for your budget! Our flyers are being distributed around the local universities and colleges! Keep your eye’s peeled, there’s a massive student discount on offer! Finally, you can spend more money on your social lives and less on your .

Unboxing of the iPhone 5C & 5S pictures and video 3 days before it’s release! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Unboxing the iPhone 5c & iPhone 5S 3 days before it’s released. Both the iPhone 5s and 5c are being launched on Friday the 20th of September and the first unboxing photos have been publicly revealed. The photos were shared by the Italian technology website HDblog.it and show images of the packaging from various angles that comply with the first unconfirmed photos of the packaging. Also released was a photo of the iPhone 5c .

Our site is now monitized with Google AdSense! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Google AdSense We are now running Google AdSense throughout our forums in an effort to help monetize the site, as hosting such a marvelous site  doesn’t come cheaply! I’ve decided to add the banner’s to both footer and first post within the topics. I believe having the adds in these locations will not effect the end usage, design or feel of the forums and still give us great advertising. If you do find the .

NEW Forum! Full of iOS, Apps & Apple goodies & discussions! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

We have a new forum 🙂 installed! 🙂 After a week of deciding what we wanted to do with the forum, and how we would like the forum to look and run, we’ve come up with an easy to use, tatter free design with many new features to help keep all our readers up-to date with the latest in iOS developments. We hope you enjoy!   New features include; Private messaging It’s now easier .

Exclusive pre-release review from David Marritott on iOS 7. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

The following review has been written by David Marriott, page owner and admin at one of my favorite Facebook groups Mobile phones for sale or swap. My impression of IOS 7 I am early adopter when it comes to technology. Some might call it a mild obsession. I try to get the latest phone, tablet or gadgets into my hands as soon as they’re available. I call it market research, I have played with lots of phones .