Adam Smith
Adam Smith

From the age of 14, my love for computers landed me a Saturday job in a well established computer shop. Quickly I became a key member to the 3 man team, with my polite attitude and keen insight into hardware repairs, I was promoted to lead all desktop builds. I continued to work ‘The Saturday Shift’ until I was asked to become a full time employee at the age of 16. Without any hesitation I took on the role.

I continued to develop my skills in many area’s while working with ‘The Computer Shop’, I even became lead technician in all area’s of work and was even tasked with training new employee’s.

After a long 6 years of working in IT, it was time to say farewell and leave for the ARMY.

I joined the Royal Welch Fusiliers at just 19 and after training was quickly shipped off to Cyprus at the end of 2007. The sunny beaches of Episkopi was my home for the following 2 years. Within no time at all I found myself deployed on my first operations in Helmand, Afghanistan in the summer of 2008. I later returned for my final deployment in 2010.

After a career lasting 6 years, I decided to leave and reunite with my passion for information technology, this time bringing my technical expertise to iPhone repairs.

I then founded A4Service.

I am continuing to develop my skills in IT with a BSc (Hons) in both IT/Networking and mathematics, currently on my third year. I am also completing my AppleCare technician training.

Dave Mason
Dave Mason
- Shop Manager / Technician

My main role in the computer shop is to support and maintain Customers PCs, desktops, and peripherals. This includes installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading all hardware and equipment while ensuring optimal workstation performance. I play a massive role in the day to day running of the shop, dealing with customers both in the store front and providing technical assistance over the phone and skype calls.

Other responsibilities:

Assist in preparing, maintaining, and upholding procedures for logging, reporting, and statistically monitoring PC performance.

Accurately document instances of hardware failure, repair, installation, and removal.

Assist in developing long-term strategies and capacity planning for meeting future computer hardware needs.

Support development and implementation of new computer projects and new hardware installations.