Pentalobe Screwdriver Tool Kit 7 in 1


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7 in stock

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7-in-1-pentalobe-screwdriverThis 7 in 1 Pentalobe screwdriver kit contains virtually everything you’ll need. Safely open your device and start repairing. Although not the best quality Pentalobe screwdrivers, they do indeed get the job done. And at a reasonable price! This tool kit is ideal for home repairers and non-professionals.

You’ll find practically everything you need here, from suction cups to pry opening tools and even tweezers. This tool kit is ideal for opening iPhone’s to the more tricky iPod’s. Perfect for a one time job.The plastic prying tools will help ensure you don’t cause any damage to the device while removing the battery and other flex cables. Plastic picks will give you an advantage in prying open the LCD & Digitizers on both the iPod’s & iPad’s and restrict you from scratching the inner paint. The tweezers have a very thin tip and are excellent for removing fallen and non magnetic screws. Fast next day shipping available within the UK.

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1 x iPhone Philips Screwdriver.
1 x iPhone Pentalobe Screwdriver.
2 x Plastic Pry Tools.
1 x Tweezer.
1 x Suction Cup Vacuum.
1 x Pick.


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