Kingston Fury Renegade Silver RGB KF564C32RSAK2-32 32GB (16GB x2) DDR5 6400MT/s Non ECC DIMM


  • Form Factor: DIMM
  • DDR Type: DDR5
  • Speed: 6400Mhz
  • Capacity: 32GB
  • RGB: Yes

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Elevate your system’s performance with the Kingston FURY KF564C32RSAK2-32 memory kit. This powerful kit includes two 16GB DDR5-6400 CL32 SDRAM modules, each packed with cutting-edge technology to enhance your computing experience.

Key Features:

High-Speed Performance:
DDR5-6400 ensures lightning-fast data transfer for seamless multitasking and smoother operation.

Intel® XMP 3.0 Compatible:
Unleash the full potential of your memory modules with support for Intel® Extreme Memory Profiles (Intel® XMP) 3.0.

Optimized Latency:
Tested at a low latency timing of 32-39-39 at 1.4V, these modules deliver swift responsiveness.

JEDEC Standard Support:
Programmed to JEDEC standard latency DDR5-4800 timing of 40-39-39 at 1.1V for stable and reliable performance.

Quality Build:
Each module boasts eight 2G x 8-bit FBGA components and 288-pin DIMMs with gold contact fingers, ensuring durability and reliability.

Technical Specifications:

Total Capacity:
32GB (16GB x 2)

1.1V (JEDEC), 1.4V (XMP Profiles)

Factory Timing Parameters:
JEDEC: DDR5-4800 CL40-39-39 @1.1V
XMP Profile #1: DDR5-6400 CL32-39-39 @1.4V
XMP Profile #2: DDR5-6000 CL38-38-38 @1.35V
XMP Profile #3: DDR5-4800 CL38-38-38 @1.1V

Additional Information:

40 cycles

Row Cycle Time (tRCmin):
48ns (min.)

Refresh to Active/Refresh Command Time (tRFCmin):
295ns (min.)

Row Active Time (tRASmin):
32ns (min.)

UL Rating:
94 V – 0

Operating Temperature:
0°C to +85°C

Storage Temperature:
-55°C to +100°C

Upgrade your system with the Kingston FURY KF564C32RSAK2-32 and experience a new level of speed and efficiency. Elevate your computing experience today!

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