iPhone 6S plus Logicboard Repairs



iPhone 6S plus Logic Board Repairs.

The £25 will cover the costs of the initial assessment (inspection fee) with a printed report and return postage.

The final cost of your repair will be dependant upon the extent of the damage. Logic board problems are not always as straight forward as needing only one component replaced. We will fully asses each job and decide if a repair is likely. Incidental repairs from weak, broken solder pads are not covered and will be billed. On this note, be prepared at any stage to have the estimate change and the bill to increase to next level pricing.
Level 1 – This will generally cover 1x FPC connector, or 1x Backlight fuse or another small component pried away from the board. Maximum bench time of 2 hours. – £40.
Level 2 – This will generally cover problems with missing solder pads, harder backlight faults and greyed out WIFI faults. Maximum bench time of 3 hours. – £75. 
Level 3 –   This will cover much more technical repairs, such as BGA IC’s, iPhone 6S plus blue screen of death and water damage for data retrieval. Maximum bench time of 5+ hours. – £99.
Please ensure you have read and fully understood our Terms Of Condition prior to purchasing your repair service. 

Opening hours: Mon-Friday, 10am – 5pm.
– A4Service

Terms and condition (TOS) MUST READ.

By purchasing this service you agree to our terms and conditions (TOS). Please be advised although nothing will be done by our technicians to purposely cause loss of data and files from your device we do recommend a backup before leaving the device with us. We also require, if possible, the passcode to be removed for testing.

We have over 10 years experience in IT and will carry out your repair to best of our abilities. We are not held responsible for any damages which may occur during the repair process. Soldering repairs are not risk free. Thermal shock and board warping is a risk factor and is unpreventable even with the correct safety measures in place. We preheat and monitor the board temperature during the repair to lessen this risk. This again is a repair attempt, not a manufactured equivalent.

For warranty and testing purposes, send the device in it’s entirety. We will approve and seal the work order.

Once we’ve received your order you are required to fill out the form which is messaged to you. We will return all parcels back to the sender if the form is not completed. During busy periods you can expect to be without your device for a maximum of 28 days, usual repair time is 5-7 business days

Every repair booking carries a minimum inspection fee of £15 whether or not a repair is possible.


We will return via Royal Mail SD £500 insured. If you require more insurance cover contact us. You must check and understand Royal Mails insurance coverage. It’s your responsibility to inform us of any additional needs. We are not liable for any damages during transit.


Our soldering repairs carry a 30 day guarantee. If the repair fails within 30 days of completion you are entitled to your money back or another repair attempt. Warranty excludes tampering (self-fitting) or any physical damage to the device.

Post to; A4Service, 30 Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 7PA
iPhone 6S plus Logic Board Repairs includes;
iPhone 6S plus SIM Card Readers, FPC Connectors and Battery Terminals.


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