Seagate SkyHawk Surveillance ST6000VX009 6TB 3.5″ 5400RPM 256MB Cache SATA III Internal Hard Drive


  • Type Of Drive: HDD
  • Physical Drive Size: 3.5
  • Connection: SATA III
  • Capacity: 6TB
  • Drive Classification: Surveillance
  • Packaging: OEM

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Discover the ST6000VX009, a high-performance surveillance hard drive designed to meet the demanding needs of modern video surveillance systems. With advanced features, superior reliability, and impressive storage capacity, this drive ensures smooth and uninterrupted video recording, making it an ideal choice for security professionals.

The ST6000VX009 is a state-of-the-art surveillance hard drive developed by a leading manufacturer. Designed specifically for video surveillance applications, this hard drive combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance to deliver a reliable and efficient storage solution. In this detailed SEO-friendly description, we will explore the key features, benefits, and technical specifications of the ST6000VX009, highlighting why it stands out in the competitive surveillance industry.

Massive Storage Capacity
With an impressive capacity of 6TB, the ST6000VX009 can accommodate extensive video footage without the need for frequent data management. This ample storage allows for longer retention periods and ensures critical surveillance footage is always available when needed.

Advanced Data Protection
Equipped with advanced features like rotational vibration (RV) sensors and multi-axis shock sensors, this hard drive can withstand the rigors of 24/7 surveillance environments. These technologies protect the drive against vibrations and shocks, ensuring optimal performance and long-term reliability.

Optimized for Surveillance Workloads
The ST6000VX009 is designed to handle the demanding workloads of surveillance systems. It supports continuous writing and reading of high-resolution video streams, providing uninterrupted and smooth footage recording. The drive’s firmware is tuned to prioritize video streaming, reducing frame loss and enhancing overall system performance.

AllFrame™ Technology
The integration of AllFrame technology ensures enhanced video streaming by reducing frame loss and pixelation. It improves video playback and enables seamless simultaneous recording from multiple high-definition cameras, maximizing system efficiency and accuracy.

Low Power Consumption
The ST6000VX009 operates with low power consumption without compromising performance. It is optimized for surveillance systems, where energy efficiency is crucial for minimizing operating costs and ensuring continuous operation.

Compatibility and Ease of Integration
The ST6000VX009 is compatible with a wide range of video surveillance systems and is designed for easy integration. Whether you are upgrading an existing system or building a new one, this hard drive offers seamless compatibility and straightforward installation.

Uninterrupted Surveillance
With its high storage capacity, advanced data protection features, and optimized performance, the ST6000VX009 guarantees uninterrupted surveillance operations. You can rely on this hard drive to capture and retain critical footage without any disruptions.

Enhanced Data Security
The drive’s reliability and robustness ensure the safety of recorded video data. By reducing the risk of drive failures and data loss, the ST6000VX009 protects valuable surveillance footage, offering peace of mind and compliance with industry regulations.

Efficient Data Management
The ample storage capacity enables longer retention periods, reducing the need for frequent data deletion or external storage solutions. This translates into simplified data management, streamlined workflows, and increased efficiency for security professionals.

Improved System Performance
The ST6000VX009’s optimized firmware, AllFrame technology, and seamless integration contribute to improved system performance. By minimizing frame loss, pixelation, and latency, this hard drive enables surveillance systems to operate at their full potential, capturing crucial details with precision.

The ST6000VX009 is a top-of-the-line surveillance hard drive that offers unmatched performance, reliability, and storage capacity. With advanced features like RV sensors, multi-axis shock sensors, AllFrame technology, and optimized firmware, it ensures uninterrupted video recording, enhanced data security, efficient


Form factor

Interface Type

6.0 TB

Spindle Speed
5400 rpm

Suitable for permanent operation

256 MB

Hybrid HDD

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