Hama Multi 2-in-1 Mobile Phone Holder, Suction Cup/Grating Clamp, Flexible Arm, 360? Rotation



  • Type: In-Car Mobile Holder
  • .:
  • Features: Suction Cup/Grating Clamp
    Flexible Swan Neck Arm
    Adjustable Tilt Angle
    360? Rotation
    Suitable for smartphones with a width of 4 – 11 cm
  • Package Weight: 0.2500 kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years


Hama "Multi" 2in1 Car Mobile Phone Holder Kit for Grating / Windscreen

  • Adaptable: simple and customised adaptation to the device thanks to mobile clamp holder
  • Perfect orientation: thanks to a ball joint the device can be rotated 360° and has an adjustable tilt angle, ideal for portrait or landscape format
  • Suitable for every smartphone with and without case or or protective sleeve
  • Swan neck: highly flexible arm for customised adjustment
  • Integrated picture frame: a picture up to 4.4 x 6.9 cm can be inserted into the holder's inlay surface
The holder is attached to the windscreen with the long, flexible swivel arm by means of a suction cup, thus allowing maximum accessibility and positioning as desired- By changing the angle of inclination, the best view of the display is always possible, even in sunlight, for example- The phone can be turned as desired, e.g. for horizontal navigation on the smartphone- The holder for the car's ventilation louvres offer a safe and compact alternative for attaching the mobile phone- The car phone holder is compatible with smartphones with a width of 4 – 11 cm- Access to the smartphone's charging socket remains free, so that the device can also be charged while driving- The smartphone holder is attached without gluing or drilling, so it fits in almost every car and can be easily removed when needed



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