Asus ROG STRIX LC III 360 Liquid CPU Cooler, 360mm, 7th Gen v2 Asetek Pump, Customisable LCD Display, Rotatable Water Block



  • Type: CPU Liquid Cooler
  • Radiator Size: 360 mm
  • AMD/Intel: Combo
  • LED Lighting: LCD Screen on Pump Cover – system stats, customisable animations etc
    AURA Sync Support
  • Compatibility: Intel: LGA 1700, 1200, 115x
    AMD: AM5, AM4
  • TDP:
  • Fan Connector(s):
  • Installation:
  • #Hide#LED Lighting: Yes
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Block (CPU Plate): Copper
    Radiator: Aluminium
    Tube: Sleeved Rubber
  • Weight:
  • Fan Dimensions: 3 x 120 mm ROG STRIX AF-12S fans
  • Dimensions: Water Block: 72 x 72 x 61 mm
    Radiator: 394 x 121 x 27 mm
    Tube Length: 400 mm
  • Rotation Speed: 800 – 2200 RPM +/- 10% (0 RPM Support)
  • #Hide# AM5 Socket: Supports Socket AM5
  • Fan Bearing:
  • #Hide#1200 Socket: Supports Socket 1200
  • Air Flow: 70.38 CFM
  • #Hide#sTRX4 Socket:
  • Fan Controller: PWM
  • #Hide#1700 Socket: Supports Socket 1700
  • Noise level: 36 dB(A)
  • Power:
  • Additional Features: See Overview
  • MTBF:
  • Package Contents: 1 x CPU Liquid Cooler (pre-applied thermal compound)
    3 x 120 mm Radiator Fan
    1 x 1-to-3 Fan Splitter Cable
    1 x Accessory Pack of Screws and Brackets
    1 x Quick Start Guide
    1 x ROG Sticker
    1 x ROG cable organizer
    1 x ROG VIP card
  • Package Type: Retail
  • Package Weight: 2.7000 kg
  • Warranty: 6 Years
  • #Hide#115x Sockets: Supports Sockets 115x
  • #Hide#2066 Socket:
  • #Hide#2011(-3) Socket:
  • #Hide#1366 Socket:
  • #Hide#White: CPU Coolers
  • #Hide#sTR4 Socket:
  • #Hide# AM4 Socket: Supports Socket AM4
  • #Hide# AM3(+) Socket:
  • #Hide# AM2(+) Socket:
  • #Hide# FM2(+) Socket:
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Elevate Your Style. Empower Your Cooling.

Achieve optimal performance and stunning aesthetics with the ROG Strix LC III 360, featuring the latest generation Asetek’s new Gen7 v2 pump and ROG radiator fans. Effortlessly tackle the heat generated by AMD Ryzen™ and Intel® Core™ processors to unleash limitless power. Enjoy enhanced installation flexibility with a 360° rotatable water block that accommodates various mounting options. Explore a spectrum of Aura lighting modes to elevate the visual appeal of your gaming build. And embrace the perfect blend of efficiency and exquisite design for an unparalleled experience.
Cool Beyond Limits
The ROG Strix LC III 360 features a new and quieter Asetek Gen7 V2 pump with updated cold plate technology capable of an additional 100 watts of cooling and temperatures up to 0.5° C lower*. Elevate CPU cooling efficiency for unmatched stability under intense workloads.
Experience the Freedom
An innovative 360° rotatable water block features a magnetic design, offering unprecedented flexibility in water cooling installation.
Lighting Brilliance
Elevate your gaming rig with a variety of Aura lighting effects to create a colorful spectacle. The smart mode takes it further with dynamic lighting to visualize different hardware loads. And with Aura Creator support, you can tailor your own unique lighting effects, making your setup truly one-of-a-kind.
Cool & Quiet Mastery
0dB Technology
Fans automatically drop to 0RPM in low-load mode, delivering a silent and peaceful environment.
Strong Air Pressure
The new fan blade design offers strong static pressure for consistent performance.
Anti-vibration Rubber
The fans are equipped with Anti-vibration Rubber at each of their four corners, effectively reducing resonance noise.
Aesthetic Ingenuity
Subtle details, uncompromising style in form and function.
Extensive Compatibility
The ROG Strix LC III 360 is compatible with a wide range of Intel and AMD motherboard platforms, giving you ample processor and build flexibility.
Cooling on Display
The addition of an LCD screen introduces a constellation of possibilities. Display live system stats, or customize animations to craft your unique gaming build.


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