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Review on Findery: Social Local Discovery App by One of Flickr’s Co-founders

Review on Findery: Social Local Discovery App by One of Flickr’s Co-founders


Findery: Social Local Discovery is a social network that helps you discover new, interesting places through users that share their own pick of great places around them. It’s a wonderful tool to discover every nook and cranny around you that you may have never known before.

Findery is the brainchild by Caterina Fake who’s a co-founder of Flickr. Although it came out just this March, it has actually been in beta for around two years, and there’s already plenty of content on the app, thanks to numerous beta testers.

How Findery Works

Basically, Findery allows you to make notes of interesting places with support for texts, pictures, and tags attached to the locations. When you’re out exploring places, Findery is a useful source of information on parks, streets, buildings, and any location around you.

You’ll find collective lists of various places under specific topics. With all of these information from users across the globe, you’ll get to know surprising tidbits and details about a variety of new places. You’ll discover nearby parks, restaurants, cafes, and many other interesting spots that you can possibly visit.

It’s like Foursquare and Yelp, but what makes Findery considerably different from other apps is that it’s primarily a photo-sharing network that focuses on letting users share various interesting stuff about the places around them, not just reviews on businesses and services. There are myriads of hidden stories everywhere, and with Findery, you’ll have the opportunity to uncover them.

By sharing location notes on Findery, you can let people know about must-see places. You can share locations that you’ve recently discovered and also find out what places other people recommend.

There’s no need to sign up for an account; however, you’ll get the most out of Findery’s features when you register. All you need to do is provide an email address and a password, and then you can set up your new profile. After signing up, you can also find people on Facebook and Twitter.

If it’s your first time using the app, a good place to start is the Discover tab. Here, you’ll find popular notemaps from nearby users. A key photo for a specific collection is displayed, along with the title, number of notes contained, and the user who posted the collection. When you tap this, a small window pops up through a beautiful transition animation. You can follow any notemap you want or simply view the attached notes.

A map view appears when you view notes. You’ll find markers on areas where the notes were left. Swipe horizontally to scroll through the notes, and you’ll see texts or photos with each note. The notes may feature a story about an area’s history, a special event, or even the user’s personal experience related to the location. Users can like and share these notes on social media sites, and leave comments as well.

Smooth, User-friendly Interface

Findery has a sleek iOS 7-ready interface that looks lovely on iPhone. It emphasises visual elements of places, so you’ll immediately notice banners that feature collections of stories when you open the app. Its intuitive interface allows you to navigate the app seamlessly, and its minimalist design offers different ways to sort location notes. You’ll find a visual list of assorted location notes, and you can sort the list view according to your current location. You can also search for particular locations, note types, and topics. For added convenience, it’s possible to simply view the map so you can find other users’ notes.

Creating Fun, Personalised Notes

findery-1Image Credit Musings on Mobile

If you’d like to create your own note, simply tap on Create and you’ll find a note view with your specific location (which you can change, if necessary), note text, and photo attachment. You may include tags or add the notes to an existing notemap. Findery also has privacy settings. Notes can be found by a recipient, only you, or anyone. If you prefer to have private notes for your own viewing only, Findery can be your special travel journal.

In the Activity tab, you can follow the activities of different users and see any notes that mention you. The Map view enables you to zoom in/out to see notes left by other users. This way, it’s very easy to find various interesting places in your city or any other location.

Life is full of surprises, and so is Findery. If you love to discover new things, this is a fantastic app for you. Findery’s concept of social local discovery holds much potential. It’s easy to stumble upon new stories and to make your own notes for other people to discover. Even if you’re just at home or on the road travelling, Findery is a useful tool to find out about the best places to visit. You may just find something across the street that you never knew existed.

Here’s where you can download Findery for free.

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