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Prevo 4-in-1 Charging Station, Is it worth your money?

The Prevo 4-in-1 charging station allows you to charge multiple devices on the same docking station at the same time. Namely, your iPhone, Apple Watch, Airpods and provides an extra USB Type C Port at the back for other various devices.

Why was this product created?

The Prevo 4 in 1 charging station was created to enhance charging speeds with minimal cables and provides the area to charge multiple things at once. While also being very slim and compact to not take up a lot of room.


Although this product has a USB C Port at the back, you are not provided with the appropriate cable. The Apple watch wireless charger has a very rare occurrence where your apple watch will fall off of the upright wireless charging magnet.

Would we recommend purchasing this product?

The Prevo 4-in-1 Wireless charging station is very minimalistic and compact, easy to carry around as you can flat pack it. It is very convenient and provides the fastest possible charge up to 15Watts. As someone who owns this product I very definitely recommend it. It helps to save room on my desk while having an area to charge my many apple devices. This product is very reliable and most definitely upholds effectiveness as well as aesthetic. 

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