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Planning to Join the Public iOS 9 Beta? Read This First

Planning to Join the Public iOS 9 Beta? Read This First

iOS 9 beta

The upcoming public iOS 9 beta is just around the corner, and many iOS users are quite excited to get their hands on the new update. While developers have been able to try out the exclusive iOS 9 beta much earlier, average iPhone users can also test the new software before the final release date this fall.

The main advantage of taking part in the beta test for average users is to ensure that the software works smoothly on your mobile phone. Because the beta is not yet the final product, you can let Apple know if there are problems or glitches they need to fix.

Apple users are well aware that new updates don’t work well every time. More often than not, there are bugs that cause problems, such as reducing battery life or making apps lag. The beta test may involve these problems, so keep in mind that it is possible to experience issues while testing new iOS features. Sill, the upcoming public beta should reveal better overall performance, as Apple already improved the software’s performance from the earlier beta.

That said, here are important things you must know if you’d like to participate in the public iOS 9 beta.

How to Sign Up for the iOS 9 Beta

Gain access to the public iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan beta through the Apple Beta Software Program, also called Apple Seed. Be sure to sign up for the public beta, as past Apple beta programs restricted unregistered users from participating.

Do a Local Backup

Stay on the safe side by backing up your iPhone to your computer, even if you back up to iCloud on a regular basis. This ensures that you can restore the backup and return to iOS 8.4 should things go awry during the beta.

Use Another Device If Possible

If you have a spare Apple device, consider using it for the public iOS 9 beta instead of risking your main iPhone, particularly if your mobile device is important for work. However, a few features may not work on older models. The split-screen multitasking feature, in particular, works on the iPad Air 2 only.

While you might not be able to access a couple of features using an older model, it’s still a safer option than worry about a bug that could just about destroy your phone’s battery life or lead to other devastating problems. But if you’re really interested to try out everything the iOS 9 beta has to offer, then you’ll have to install it on a newer Apple model.

Be Aware of the Confidentiality Requirements

Even though it is a public beta, Apple still values secrecy a lot and requires users to avoid blogging, posting screen shots, tweeting or sharing information about the iOS 9. Moreover, you should not discuss the software with others, especially those who are not part of the Apple Beta Software Program. The only information you can share are details that Apple itself has publicly revealed.

If you’re wondering what the iOS 9 possibly has in store for you, read “The Top 5 iOS 9 Features” to get to know exciting features that will most likely be included in the new iOS update.

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