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Next- Generation Apple TV to be Released in September 2015: What’s New?

Next- Generation Apple TV to be Released in September 2015: What’s New?


With the last significant hardware upgrade rolled out in 2012, circulating reports predict that an updated Apple TV is finally going to be unveiled in September alongside a new batch of iPhones. The rumored set-top TV box is likely to feature an operating system capable of supporting Siri, a thinner chassis, an A8 chip, a better storage capacity and a redesigned remote control. Reports also say that the revamped TV will include a built-in Touch ID feature.
Here are Apple TV’s much-anticipated features to look forward to:

AirPlay Support

The new Apple TV is possibly designed to support AirPlay, iCloud Photo and Family Sharing, enabling iOS devices and computers with iTunes to stream music and other media to the TV. Moreover, users can play podcasts, TV shows and movies, including media from third-party channels, through iTunes.

Larger Size But Slimmer Build

The next-generation Apple TV will most likely be two times bigger than its predecessor. Nonetheless, the new TV will be slimmer compared to the present version.

Added TV Ports and Aluminum Remote Control

The remote control of the new Apple TV will be made from aluminum, and the back area will feature different TV ports, including a micro-USB socket, an Ethernet port, an optical audio out, HDMI out and a power in port. Additionally, users can take advantage of the wireless connectivity function to connect to the Internet.

Dedicated App Store

Apple TV’s existing lineup offers decent features, allowing users to watch Netflix or live sports through varying packages. Still, the broadcast news outlets do not provide live coverage or breaking news.

The next-gen Apple TV will possibly feature an app store and a TV service that offers 25 cable and broadcast channels, aiming to rival live services such as Sling TV, which now has more than 250,000 subscribers. However, there may be a delay in launching the subscription streaming service. Reports predict that Apple will introduce the service several months after launching the new Apple TV. The rumored monthly subscription price ranges from $30 to $40.

Siri Voice Control

Wouldn’t it be immensely convenient if you can tell Siri whatever you want to watch instead of pressing buttons and scouring available movies and shows? Siri currently works well with Apple Music’s massive library, making people wonder if the intuitive voice-controlled assistant could extend its prowess to the Apple TV.

Fingerprint-based Profiles

Apple may also incorporate a Touch ID sensor into the the new Apple TV’s remote, requiring a user’s fingerprint to unlock a profile and home screen. This increases security and eliminates worries about parental lock passcodes. The use of a Touch ID sensor also lets people have unique accounts while sharing the same TV.

While Apple has not yet announced any definite plans of when to launch the next Apple TV and what its features would be, many people are eagerly anticipating that some of the features mentioned above would actually be integrated into the next-generation Apple TV. September is just around the corner, and we may soon find out if the new Apple TV lives up to the hype.

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