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New to Apple Music? Read These 3 Must-Know Tips

New to Apple Music? Read These 3 Must-Know Tips


Recently launched by Apple on June 30, Apple Music is the newest streaming service that aims to compete with music streaming giants, such as Spotify, Tidal and Rdio. The app boasts a social networking feature that allows users to connect with their favorite artists as well as a Beats live radio available 24/7 and a curated collection of songs, latest pop culture events and artist interviews. With a library of more than 30 million songs, Apple Music is set to become the hottest streaming service for iOS fans.

Whether you’ve been using Apple Music for a while now or you’re still scratching your head and confused with how it works, here are handy tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the music app.

Listen to Songs Offline

Worried about cellular data charges while streaming songs? A good option is to download playlists, albums or songs to store them locally on your phone for offline listening.

Here’s how:

1. Enable iCloud Music Library.

2. Go to the Music app, pick a playlist, song or album to download, press the More button (represented by three dots), and tap Make Available Offline.

3. To view your locally saved music, open the Music app, press My Music, tap the view type dropdown, and turn on the Show Music Available Offline option.

Sync Music to Your Apple Watch


Play music wherever you are by syncing songs to your Apple Watch. Even if you leave your iPhone at home, your watch keeps you entertained with your favorite music as songs are stored locally on the watch.

Here’s how to sync playlists to your watch wirelessly:

1. Go to the Apple Watch app > Music > Synced Playlist.

2. Select your desired playlist, and plug your watch to its charger to begin syncing the songs.

3. Enjoy playing music on your watch by launching the Music app on your Apple Watch, and then push Press > Source > Apple Watch.

4. Finally, pair a Bluetooth headset with the watch, and choose a song to play.

An Apple Watch is capable of storing up to 2 GB of songs. Just be sure that you’ve downloaded your playlists to your local library for offline listening to be able to sync music to your Apple Watch.

Find Beats 1 Playlists and Show Archives on Connect

While Beats 1 is available you may not be able to catch up with everything it has to offer at all hours, or you may simply want to choose your preferred content according to your schedule. To do this, add specialty shows and DJs to your Connect page.
Follow these steps to find Beats 1 DJ playlists and show archives:

1. Launch the Music app, press the Search icon, and enter a particular show or DJ.

2. Go to Curators/Artists, and choose your preferred show or DJ.

3. Visit the Playlist or Connect tab to see the latest shows and events, or press Follow to keep yourself updated of upcoming playlists and replays.

To download contents with the “Song” label, including complete Beats 1 shows, interviews or radio snippets:

1. Press Connect, check if the music content features the “Song” label, and play it. To add playlists, press the More button, tap again to make songs available offline, and choose Add to My Music.

If you haven’t updated to the iOS 8.4 yet, go to Settings > General > Software Update to download the update. You’ll be able to enjoy Apple Music after getting the update. 

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