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New iOS Apps and Games You Need to Download Now

New iOS Apps and Games You Need to Download Now

The iOS app store is teeming with thousands of apps and games, with lots of new ones being added every day.

If you’re looking for fresh apps to add to your collection, take a look at these apptastic new gems that caught our eye.

Angry Birds 2


You read that right! Angry Birds now has an official sequel released on July 30. After Rovio has expanded the Angry Birds universe in every imaginable way, the real sequel to the original Angry Birds game has now hit the App Store.

Because Angry Birds has been an immensely popular game for a long time, the sequel unsurprisingly climbed to the top 100 highest-grossing iOS apps in just a few days. The good news is that Angry Birds 2 is free to download, although impatient players may opt to buy more lives instead of waiting for lives to be replenished.

Here are several interesting features of the new game that you’ll likely find exciting:

Gather a flock of your chosen birds, and learn a variety of slingshot strategies.
Complete multi-stage levels, and defeat the pigs by casting colorful spells, such as magic ducks, chilis and blizzards.
Battle the boss piggies at the last stage to unlock new worlds and retrieve the stolen eggs.
Join the arena to combat other players from various parts of the globe to earn feathers and upgrade your flock.
Get more birds, lives or tickets using gems, which you can earn by finishing quests, paying with real money or watching videos.

Star Wars

This app is a must-have for Star Wars fanatics. Downloadable for free, the official Star Wars app from Disney Electronic Content offers interactive features, stunning media, breaking news and everything else you’ve ever wanted to enjoy the Star Wars universe.

You’ll get to enjoy customized selfies, entertaining sound effects, classic quotes from the films and even a Star Wars-themed weather forecast.

Here’s a roundup of the app’s fantastic features:

Receive instant notifications on important announcements, such as movie news or trailer releases.
Choose the Droid interface, Dark Side or Light Side themes, which come with distinct designs and animations.
Use the Augmented Reality camera function, which lets you unlock 3D Star Wars characters.
Take selfies using a variety of iconic costumes and settings.
Access five-day weather forecasts along with Star Wars-themed weather updates.
Enhance your lightsaber skills by practicing against a Force Trainer.
Play classic sounds from different characters, weapons or scenes.
Connect with other Star Wars fans by creating a Star Wars ID and profile.
Share animated GIFs of your favorite Star Wars scenes.



This is a perfect go-to app for travelers who want a comprehensive and meticulously written guide for a particular location. Luxe boasts highly curated content coming from trusted editors and locals who know the ins and outs of a travel destination.

What you’ll get when you download the app:

Access to 25 paid premium city guides, including user-friendly itineraries, insider tips, offline directions and maps, and clickable contact numbers and websites.
Complete offline access to all features and information, besides the sharing and update functions.
Augmented reality that lets you watch your desired destination in real time.
Extra features, such as a subway map and currency converter.

Luxe is downloadable for free with in-app purchases.

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