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Apple’s Newest iOS Healthbook App Revealed! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Apple’s Newest iOS Healthbook App Revealed

Apple has been a harbinger of change and reinvention since its inception of the groundbreaking iPhone. With its indelible mark permanently etched in the history of smart phones and tablets, it’s now expanding its reach into a flourishing segment that is the healthcare and fitness-tracking market.

The rumoured Healthbook app for Apple’s upcoming iOS 8 is the company’s first foray into the fast emerging health and fitness market driven by wearable technology. It’s expected to be the scene stealer once Apple unveils the iOS 8 at the annual WWDC conference in San Francisco. Apple plans to put health and fitness at the centre of the next version of iOS. The latest report by 9to5Mac revealed several key details about the app. Albeit Apple’s plans for iOS 8 aren’t official yet, 9to5Mac has recently issued reports on Healthbook’s major features.

9to5Mac is well known for leaking accurate information regarding Apple’s unannounced plans. In the past weeks, its reports included a vast array of exciting features of iOS 8, such as changes for iTunes Radio, iOS Maps improvements, and new apps.

Now, a new report gives us a glimpse of various details on Healthbook. Leaked screenshots reveal how the app looks like. The vivid, bright, colourful user interface looks very much like Passbook, an iOS app that gathers coupons, airline tickets, and movie tickets. However, the Healthbook’s distinct health and fitness indicators will set it apart from any other app on the market today.

What Will Healthbook Do?

ios healthbook


Based on the leaked screenshots, Healthbook will be capable of monitoring the following:

  • Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Weight
  • Sleep
  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Blood sugar level
  • Blood pressure
  • Oxygen saturation

Healthbook categorizes every health section in cards which are distinguished by different colours. Users can also arrange tabs according to their preferences.

Unlike other apps and devices that only monitor weight, sleep, activity and nutrition, Healthbook is designed to track heart rate and other vital health functions.

Fitness Functionality

Healthbook features three tabs for tracking fitness-related data points: Activity, Weight, and Nutrition. Activity tracks calories burned, steps taken, and miles walked. Users can monitor their fitness progress for a specific period. It will also be possible to input food intake to keep track of your diet. The fitness tracking functionality merged with weight tracking and diet management is an excellent combination that many fitness enthusiasts will surely find useful.

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Tracking

Healthbook will track heart rate in beats per minute and blood pressure data in diastolic and systolic forms. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Fit and Withings Pulse are capable of tracking heart rate but not blood pressure.

Bloodwork, Blood Sugar, and Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

These are Healthbook’s most essential sections. Although the details are not yet clear, the screenshots give us a view of several blood-related data points usually provided by hospitals and healthcare professionals.

Aside from these functionalities, Apple is also working on monitoring respiratory rate, hydration levels, and sleep. Apple has hired numerous specialists to perfect its newest development.

Link Between the Healthbook and iWatch

The big question now is: how does Apple plan to collect all of those health information? According to 9to5Mac, perhaps the app will be working closely with iWatch which is yet another much-talked about smartwatch that’s expected to launch sometime this year.

The leaked information suggests that iWatch will feature different sensors to gather data that the iPhone 5s’ M7 motion co-processor can’t collect. These health information include the heart rate, oxygen saturation, and blood sugar levels.

It’s also likely that third-party health and fitness devices sold in Apple stores will be used to make the Healthbook app work seamlessly.

Emergency Card

ios healthbook

The screenshots also reveal the Emergency Card, another section of the app that will store relevant health and personal details such as age, weight, contact information, medication information, blood type, and even organ donor information which could prove to be crucial in emergency situations should the user fall ill and become unable to speak.

Healthbook: Next Big Thing to Revamp the Health and Fitness Industry?

Functionality wise, it appears that Healthbook has much to offer. It could most possibly reinvent health and fitness tracking, as it will introduce unique blood monitoring capabilities only offered by health professionals and not currently being offered by similar apps.

Health-conscious individuals will especially look forward to this new development. The idea of being able to monitor most of your vital health functions with the use of your handy smartphone is an exciting concept, and it may just be what Apple needs to keep up with the accelerating health and fitness tracking trend this 2014.

The app is still in the development stage, and it’s predicted to be released on the launch of iOS 8. Nonetheless, with these leaked screenshots, it’s clear to see that Apple is dedicated in its goal of tapping the health and fitness sector.

Apple will likely introduce Healthbook this autumn, along with iOS 8, iPhone 6, and the iWatch.

Images credit 9to5Mac