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Apple iPhone 7 Features: Depth-Sensing Camera, Force Touch and No More Home Button

Apple iPhone 7 Features: Depth-Sensing Camera, Force Touch and No More Home Button

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

Apple is planning huge improvements that will delight many Apple fans who are eagerly waiting for announcements about the upcoming iPhone 7. While there are no concrete details yet about the exact features Apple intends to include in its next flagship model, numerous leaks and reports from inside sources, analysts and experts have given us an idea of possible iPhone 7 features.

Dual-Camera Technology

The hottest iPhone 7 leaked feature revolving around the web these past months is the use of a dual-camera technology, which would be the most significant camera improvement in the entire history of iPhone.

According to a Business Weekly Taiwan report, the smartphone giant has been working hard to revamp the camera capabilities of the iPhone. CEO of Altek Corp Xiaru Wen stated that Apple intends to incorporate a dual-camera system, which HTC and Huawei have already added to several models with varying levels of success.

The use of dual-camera technology aims to improve sharpness and low-light performance, allowing smartphone users to take much clearer and more vibrant pictures almost on par with professional cameras.

One of the possible indicators that Apple has started to experiment on dual-camera technology is when the company acquired LinX Computational Imaging a few months ago, although reports said that LinX was bought to resolve technical problems related to cameras that Apple has been working on for several years.

Force Touch

Another rumored secret feature that will be included in the iPhone 7 is “Force Touch,” which was first revealed as a main feature of the Apple Watch and the latest MacBook model. IPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus users are also likely to see this key feature in the next iOS update.

Force Touch introduces extraordinarily pressure-sensitive displays. The feature is capable of detecting the amount of pressure a user applies on the screen, triggering a selection of specific controls.

Theoretical examples of how to use Force Touch in iPhone include:

Toggling between video and picture or switching to time lapse, slow mo or burst photography in camera mode

  • Speeding up scanning through video playback
  • Accessing shortcuts for areas that are hard to reach in the bigger iPhone 6S Plus
  • Creating completely new control options for playing games
  • Implementing faster text selection in apps
  • Applying multiple file selection in apps
  • Home Button Gone

Rumors have been circulating that Apple intends to get rid of the physical home button in iPhone 7. Apple announced that it is creating a new chip that shifts the home button’s functions to the touch screen. Eliminating the physical home button would allow Apple to develop extremely thin and narrow displays.

A Smaller, 4-Inch Display

Not everyone is a fan of bigger displays that require the use of two hands when typing and are just too uncomfortable to fit in a pocket. If you’re one of those people, then you may just like the rumored 4-inch iPhone variant, which is said to be a wish of the late Apple founder and CEO, Steve Jobs.

The rumored launch date of the most-awaited iPhone 7 is September 25, based on a staff email sent to Vodafone employees. The email reportedly specified the planned launch dates for the next iPhone model, stating that pre-orders would be available a week before the set date.

What do you think about these rumored features and changes? Would you prefer to have them added to the next iPhone model? Tell us what you think!

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