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Apple iOS 12: what’s new?

After a test period of about three months, which saw the release of no less than 12 beta versions, Apple has publicly released iOS 12, the new “major release” of the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Which devices support iOS 12?

iOS 12 is available for all devices that currently support iOS 11: iPhone 5s up, iPad mini 2, 3 and 4, iPad Air first and second generation, iPad fifth and sixth generation and all iPad Pro. iOS 12 it is also available for the sixth generation iPod Touch.

New features

iOS 12 doesn’t introduce many new features but is an update focused more on security and performance that will improve in a clear way even on older iPhones by offering greater system speed and open applications.

Among the main news of iOS 12 there are “Usage Time”, a function that allows you to monitor the time we spend with our devices to help us manage it better, the new Memoji that add more personality and expression to the messages, the new applications for Siri Bag and Memo and Commands of Siri that will be able to suggest a “shortcut” at the right time, but not only that.

iOS 12, as mentioned, is designed to improve the performance of iPhone and iPad. Improvements that will be noticed throughout the system. For example, the camera now has up to 70% faster boot times. The keyboard is also shown faster and typing is more responsive.

Usage Time

With “Usage Time” we can manage the time we spend using our device. It is possible to view, by means of detailed reports, how many times we have activated it, the time for each single application or app, or the types of apps that distract us most or send us most of the notifications. For each application or type of app, it is possible to set a usage limit time, after which it will be deactivated. Obviously it will always be possible to ignore the limits.

“Usege Time” also gives parents the ability to schedule a time interval during which children cannot use the iOS device. When the “Pause of Use” function is activated, app notifications are not displayed and a badge appears on the app to indicate that it can not be used.

Parents can choose specific apps that will always be available, even during the blocking period or after a usage limit expires. It is also possible to configure several censorship checks. These include, for example, the rating for movies allowed, websites that can be visited and some limitations on other features such as location sharing or access to contacts.

“Usage Time” is based on accounts, can be configured remotely or locally and works on all iOS devices. As a result, settings, reports and limits will take into account overall usage.


There are also several changes regarding notifications which, finally, can be grouped not only by application but also by subject. iOS 12 also offers more options to control the reception of notifications: you can manage them instantly, deactivating them completely or choosing to send them directly to the Notification Center making them “secondary”. Finally, Siri offers intelligent suggestions based on the way in which you interact with notifications, advising, for example, to move those with which you do not interact more from the lock screen to the notification center or vice versa.

The possibilities offered by the “do not disturb” function can also be extended, which can also be activated only for an hour, for the duration of a meeting or as long as you stay in a certain place. The function will automatically deactivate at the end of your engagement or when you move away from where you are. “Do not disturb during sleep” also helps us sleep better by reducing the brightness of the display and hiding all notifications on the lock screen. In the morning the local weather will be shown and with a tap will be displayed all the notifications received during the night.

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