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8 Best iOS Apps for Note Taking

8 Best iOS Apps for Note Taking

notes-1Photo credit: Wired

There are countless apps in the app store that it can be tough to choose which ones are worth downloading to your iOS device. We’ll help you pick the right apps that fit your needs and preferences. This article will list down some of the best note taking apps with unique and interesting features.


More than a notes app, Evernote is a widely used cloud-based service for storing all types of notes. It’s very popular among many users because of its convenience, wonderful features, and reliability. With this app, you can take note of almost anything from your daily life using your smart phone, tablet, or computer. It syncs notes, web clips, and files on every device you use. What’s more, it allows you to save entire webpages, snap photos, record audio, and share notes with friends.

Download Evernote here.


This is an app made by Microsoft that’s now available in the app store. You’ll need a Microsoft account (available for free) to use OneNote. It works like a Word document editor, enabling you to create rich notes with various elements, such as to-do lists, tables, and visual interactive tags. It’s an efficient tool in taking simple as well as complex notes. It also syncs between iOS and Windows, making it a top choice among many users.

Download OneNote here.


NotesTab lets you sync across iOS, Mac, and Windows 8 in real time. It’s one of the fastest cross-platform syncing solutions between devices. You can organize your important notes by pinning them to the top of your list. Moreover, you can configure the app in your iOS settings to start a note each time it opens. NotesTab is sleek, simple, easy-to-use, and fast. A unique feature of this app is that it allows you to capture notes easily on your Mac or Windows client through various keyboard shortcuts. It’s a must-have note taking app for anyone who likes creating organized notes.

Download NotesTab here.


With its streamlined interface, Simplenote is a breeze to use for entering notes quickly. It also lets you publish all of your notes online, and invite others to review or edit your online notes. The app keeps a history of each note, so if you want to see your original notes, you can view them even after the notes have been modified. Simply scroll through the history to see all changes made to the note. Additionally, you can choose a date and restore the note to its original state. For easy organization, Simplenote also lets you tag notes.

Download Simplenote here.


This is one of the various apps that utilizes Evernote’s online note taking service. It’s a great app to download to enhance your note taking experience. It has become Evernote’s primary handwriting and sketching companion app. You can use Penultimate with a Bluetooth stylus to add pixelpoint precision to your handwriting. It boasts an intuitive writing mode that detects when your palm rests on the screen to avoid unwanted marks while writing your note.

Download Penultimate here.


GoodNotes supports the Pogo Connect, Jot Script, and Jot Touch Bluetooth stylus, and it captures your scripts and converts them into lovely vector graphics. This way, the notes appear less cluttered when you export them. In object mode, badly drawn shapes will be instantly transformed into beautifully rendered vectors. GoodNotes also edits and annotates PDFs and functions as a digital whiteboard when you use Airplay or connect your device with an external display. What’s great about this app is the stunning digital vector ink that makes jotting down notes a fun, visual experience.

Download GoodNotes here.

MyScript Notes Mobile

This app converts handwritten notes into clearly readable texts. It captures notes into a script focus area and auto advances as you write. MyScript supports the Wacom Intuous, Pogo Connect, and Jot Touch stylus. As soon as you’re done with your note taking, you can conveniently convert your note into text or export it as an image. If you’d like to use it on your desktop, there are available versions for both OS X and Windows.

Download MyScript here.


Want to capture text and sync your notes with your recorded audio? AudioNote can do exactly that. This app’s unique feature is combining the functionality of note taking and voice recording apps to help you save time in taking notes and enhance the quality of your notes. It synchronizes your notes and audio, automatically indexing interviews, lectures, meetings, conversations, and any other audio. During playback, the app highlights your text and drawings so you can easily remember the time that you created the app. Just tap on the text to go to the part of the audio when you jotted down the note. AudioNote supports iCloud syncing on iOS and Mac. You also have the option to save notes to Dropbox.

Download AudioNote here.

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