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7 Best iOS Apps for March 2014! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

7 Best iOS Apps for March 2014

There are thousands of apps in iTunes that it can be tough to find the best new apps to download for your iPhone or iPod. To help you make the search easier, take a look at this list of top 7 iOS apps for the month of March.

Haiku Deck



Haiku Deck is a smart app that lets you create and share stunning presentations, whether you’re making a presentation for a lesson, giving a report, presenting a portfolio, telling a story, or pitching an idea. This stylish app makes lovely slideshows, provides professionally designed fonts and layouts, and lets you use a variety of flawless charts to help you create the perfect presentation. What’s great about this app is the easy process of making impressive presentations like a pro. It’s also shareable with an iPhone, iPad, projector, and any web browser. You can edit your presentation online and present from your mobile device. You can even use your smartphone as a remote during presentation.




This sleek messaging app intuitively changes your email messages into a natural chat conversation. It saves you the hassle of clicking the reply button over and over again. With Hop, all you need to use is an email address to connect with family, friends, and colleagues in real time so you can share your important moments through pictures, videos, voice calls, or live chat. Hop can be synced with your computer, and all of your conversations and files will be stored on your cloud service.




Secret is an interesting way to share your thoughts and moments anonymously. Nobody will know your identity, so you’re free to write anything you have in mind. It offers several personalisations to make your words stand out. You can add a picture or color backdrop, blur the background, and add texture and mood. You can also comment on your friends’ posts and have a new avatar in every conversation to maintain anonymity. It also lets you discover popular secrets and share your own secrets via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Secret can easily become addictive. Many users enjoy posting and reading anonymous secrets, free of judgement. It’s certainly an innovative app that brings out genuine honesty in people.

RealPlayer Cloud 



RealPlayer Cloud lets you view, move, and share your videos seamlessly. By uploading your videos to the app, you can watch them on your mobile devices, desktop, and TV through Roku. It’s compatible with all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. No need to worry about converting or formatting your videos, or using USB and HDMI cables. Simply sign up for free, and you’ll get 2 GB of space to upload your videos. Realplayer supports all popular formats so you can add any video format to your collection in the cloud. Each video is automatically adjusted to fit the screen size of your device or computer.

Wonders of Life 



A breathtaking app that shows 3D photos and videos with Professor Brian Cox guiding you throughout. It will definitely spark your interest in nature and the universe with its crisp details. It offers more than two hours of HD video, 30 3D creatures and habitats, 1,000 high-resolution images with professional commentary, and a melodious soundtrack that will give you the ultimate nature viewing experience. If you’re an environmental enthusiast, you’ll enjoy learning everything about Earth through this stunning app.




This is another messaging app worth checking out. It’s ultra fast, simple to use, secure, and free to download. It allows you to create group chats with 100 people, send various pictures from the web, and share gigabyte-size videos instantly. Messages are stored in the cloud so it’s easy to access them from any of your mobile devices. Aside from the lightning speed, Telagram is completely free of charge, and it also has no ads.

Survey Monkey


Survey Monkey enables you to create surveys and polls in a breeze. It’s easy to send surveys online and monitor results anytime you want. Responses can be tracked in real time. Once you’ve gathered your data, you can turn them into actionable insights. From collecting opinions and doing customer research to conducting quick polls, Survey Monkey is a reliable tool that gives fast results.

These are some of the hottest apps on iTunes this month. We’ll keep you updated with the most popular and useful apps to download for your iOS mobile device every week.